Here’s why I’m voting for Biden.

“Tolerance is NOT indifference. You might be appalled at the other person, but you’re respectful to them. Humility is NOT that you don’t believe you’re right but that you know the limits of what you can prove and you also know that you’re always going to learn by listening. And patience is NOT saying ‘I’m going to put up with evil’ but what it is saying is I’m not going to be too quick to posit motives and say, ‘you must be an evil person; you must be a hostile person.’

So whoever can muster those kind of virtues, that’s what we need in the public square.” – Tim Keller

God help us be at peace as we enter into election day and as we agonizingly wait for the results, no matter what.

I am pro-life from womb to tomb. Neither major presidential candidate qualifies as pro-life in this way. However, I have seen four years of Trump fostering divisiveness and indecency in this country and promoting a dangerous level of egoism and nationalism that isolates our allies and promotes the belief that Americans are better than everyone else. I believe that to allow Trump four more years of leadership would destroy the moral fibers of our country, as some would argue it already has. Of course, we needn’t be surprised by this. This world is not our home. Still, we are called to hold politicians and other leaders on this earth to standards that reflect the Kingdom of God.

Biden is far from perfect. I despise his pro-abortion policies and will fight them if he takes office. His character, though I would argue is far more Christ-like than Trump’s on the whole, has some glaring weaknesses. However, I’m now going to highlight my reasons for why I voted for him. Why am I sharing publicly? Because I want you to know that voting for Biden is not a vote against Christianity nor is it a vote against the unborn. Real Christians are voting for Biden. Real Christians are voting for Trump. Real Christians are voting third party, or not voting at all.

Here are some of my reasons for voting for Biden.

1. He has proved himself to be a leader who has humility, one of the most important traits for a leader in my opinion. (I recall a terrible law that he voted for that he continues to apologize for now and desires to make amends for)

2. He is a leader with decency. He treats everyone with far more respect than Trump: disabled people, veterans, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and anyone else on the margins. I believe character of the highest representative of the United States is actually at least as important as policies. John Piper agrees.

3. He is a leader with compassionate policies for those Christians are called to have compassion for (the immigrant, the poor, widows, etc.) See Isaiah 58:6-11.

4. Though I despise his pro-abortion policies, I know that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, states still have the right to decide the terms of abortion, and so abortion is most effectively fought at the state level. It is also a complicated issue that requires a comprehensive solution. Most importantly, it requires everyday citizens to form real relationships with moms who are considering abortion. It involves not treating them like projects, but like the valuable people that they are. It means advocating for them body, mind, and soul. It means fostering and adopting children. It means helping single moms find childcare and a job with a livable wage. Yes, it means all this and more. On the whole, I believe Biden’s policies actually fight more comprehensively against abortion than Trump’s do. More on this here.

5. He listens to scientists in regards to the coronavirus, climate change, and other matters of global importance.

6. He acknowledges that systemic injustice is a reality in America, and that unity and justice must be fought for, in words and in action.

7. Trump’s second term agenda is kind of pitiful (also notice that eliminating pro-abortion policies does not make the list). Biden’s agenda is well-thought out, strategic, and advocates for the most vulnerable among us, which I value more than even my personal freedom. See Philippians 2:1-11.

I don’t believe that is a comprehensive list of why I’m voting for Biden. Nonetheless, they are some of the major points.

Some of my readers may be voting for Biden for similar reasons. Others may be voting for Trump for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps your conviction is to vote third party, or not to vote at all this year. Regardless, I encourage you to be involved in all of the “major issues” that are addressed in this and every election. Show you care by loving the people that are affected by coronavirus, homelessness, unjust incarceration, police brutality, abortion, discrimination. Lay down your lives for those who believe differently than you. Look for where you agree. Make clear your disagreements, but with passion free from emotional or intellectual assault and pride. Be tolerant, humble, and patient as Keller describes above. It is the only way forward; and only Jesus can provide it to our partisan, divisive human hearts.

Now go vote.


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