How do we hold onto hope in the darkest night of the soul? How do we find it in the mediocrity of routine? How do we distinguish it from the fleeting happiness of this world?

I am convinced that hope in Jesus is the only reality worth pursuing. Christian hope is anchored in history and in a future promise of redemption. It has astronomical and minutely personal effects for the entire scope of eternity.

Even so, I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, and still I find myself playing hide-and-seek with hope. Sometimes, hope is hiding behind doubt, worry, despair, confusion or mediocrity. Even happiness has potential to hide true hope.

This blog chronicles the honest journey of one girl’s attempt to live in – to inhabit – hope.

I don’t leave out the raw parts of my story for a reason. This is the Director’s Cut, where all the long, messy scenes are left in . . . every entry will not end with a pretty bow of redemption. Yet still, I pray you’ll find in each post a deep reassurance that you are not alone, that God loves you more than you can possibly imagine, and that hope is there even when you cannot feel it.

By the grace of God may my feeble words bless your heart,

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