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  • Advent Poem 10

    I am making an effort this advent to write a poem each day leading up to Christmas. So far I have 3 poems, but hey… it’s something! This one was inspired by a long walk where the clouds were threatening rain for so long and I was just waiting for them to burst. 10  pregnant […]

  • As I See it Now

    As I see it now, there are always two ways to tell the truth. I realized this as I was telling my story for the umpteenth time to a friend yesterday. The telling of my story has changed drastically over the years. Its evolved from some one-celled amoeba to a living, breathing organism. I no […]

  • The Physicist

    This is a short story reflection of the tension I feel between God’s holiness and humanity. His goodness is in question. My doubts are many. I trust Jesus, but not fully. I disobey Him, sometimes on purpose. I want to forget Him and forge my own path but find His kindness meeting me in solitude […]